Open furniture

Open Furniture Design Jam at FutureCityLab, Berlin & Design 2.0 Week, Seoul

On the occasion of the Future City Lab Exhibition form May 22 to July 5 in Berlin, two open source network, OpenSimSim and OpenDesignNetwork will collaborate in a 48h worksprint to design a series of chairs made of Eternit fibre concrete sheets in 8mm and 12mm thicknesses.

In a first phase OPenSimSim has designed three prototypes which will be further enhanced during the worksprint. The final design will be released under the Creative commons license and can be adopted and manufactured non-commercially by anyone in the world,

– A stool / chair for people to be used during the exhibition for round table discussions and workshops
– Easy to manufacture out of a sheet material (in this case Eternit fibre concrete)
– Light (material saving), durable and easy to assemble
– Use worldwide available materials for connections such as cable binders or similar connectors
– The design will be water-jetted in order to cut the templates

The Event will be held simultaneously in two cities, Berlin and Seoul.  To benefit from  the different timezones, teams in both cities will work in parallel.  OpenSimSim in Berlin will start on Monday 27 May at 7pm (5pm GMT) for a three hour work session out of which will come the design brief.

The brief  will be passed over to Seoul.  The next day Berlin and Seoul will organize a handover. After a session in Berlin, the status of the work will be handed back to Seoul. Results will be avaible after the full 48 hour period and will be discussed and presented in a joint session between Berlin and Seoul.

OpenSimSim is collaborating on this project with OpenDesignNetwork  FutureCityLab, Aedes Gallery and Eternit Germany.