Design model 2.0


The Workshop

If we are indeed on the verge, or even in the process, of a transition from industrial to postindustrial society, and from industrial to post-industrial technology, then it is not surprising if there is a crisis in design as it, too, moves from an industrial to a post-industrial basis.

We envisioned a big leap in design practice, moving from designing products to designing process, designing “a tool that enable people” rather than the object itself. A new Design Model for postindustrial digital society is rising. What we can expect to emerge from this uncomfortable crisis period, and what we should be looking for. We will explore new scenarios for design in the postindustrial digital open society and imagine a new design models taking in account those ongoing new visions.

Designers as processors

New technology allows designers to harness computational powers for practical ends and to generate design options that couldn’t otherwise exist. Tomorrow, Instead of designing finished static products, designers will create unfinished dynamic processes.

The end-users will contribute to generate a virtually infinite series of masscustomized products able to change and evolve through an ongoing dialogue with their own users.

Digital workflows:

The production of small quantities or unique pieces is now economically viable because of the rise of Digital fabrication technologies (lasercuting, CNC mills, 3D print).

Objects can be produce on-demand and marketed online skipping the route of mass-production.


Mass Customization Let consumers collaborate on designs through a direct contact with designers, the availability of online tools to design and customize products linked with the Digital fabrication technologies open a new market.


현재 우리 사회는 산업사회에서 미래산업으로 변화의 움직임이 일어나고 있습니다. 기존의 산업시대는 그 막을 내리고 새로운 시대가 다가오고 있습니다. 이런 시대적 흐름에 따라 산업에만 의존하여 성장해온 디자인계에 닥친 위기는 더 이상 놀랄 일이 아닙니다.

제품을 디자인하는 것에서 과정을 디자인 하는 것으로 디자인의 패러다임에 큰 변화가 일어나고 있습니다.  최첨단 디지털 사회를 위한 새로운 디자인 모델이 여러 곳에서 시도되고 있습니다.  따라서 이번 워크샵을 통해 새로운 비젼을 제시하는 디자인 모델을 생각해보고 미래사회의 새로운 시나리오를 그려보고자 합니다.

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