Design 2.0 week

Design 2.0 week, May-June 2012 Seoul Korea

Design 2.0 week is organized by open design network(
Design 2.0 week is divided in 3 main events for this spring 2012.


The design is at a crossroads in its practices and its possible roles. Our economic systems (capitalist industrial society) seem, at the beginning of XXI century reaching their limits. It seems then necessary to construct and invent a new model.

The rising of social networking and its role in the imagination and creation of new products and business lines is challenging our thinking and open our mind to new possibilities.

In a world  increasingly infiltrated and mediated by electronic systems and devices. The role of design is shifting in response to these changes. Design is now going one step forward with generative design process, instead of designing finished static products, designers will create unfinished dynamic processes.

In this context, the fast-growing “maker movement” when DIY meets Web 2.0, the web’s innovation models are now extending to the real world, transforming the process of designing and making physical goods.

By exploring new scenarios for design in an open society, Design 2.0 week bring you in an amazing journey through the post industrial digital design, a live demonstration of the process with the online participation of main actors in open design movement from May to June 2012, seoul korea.


2012년 봄 디자인 2.0 위크가 찾아옵니다.
오픈디자인네트워크의 주최로 기획된 이번 행사는 디자인 2.0 미트업, 디자인 모델 2.0 워크샵과 오픈 퍼니쳐 워크샵으로 구성되어 있습니다.
무서운 속도로 변화해가는 이 사회속에서 우리 디자이너들은 무엇을 준비해야 할까요?
디자인 2.0과 함께 현시점의 우리들과 앞으로의 우리들을 살펴볼 수 있는 의미 있는 시간,
오랜 시간 걸쳐 준비된 깊은 내용과 즐거운 파티까지 모두 놓치지 마세요!

Come and join with us!